First, Be Nice. I will never forget my mother relaying a comment a friend of hers made when my mother was, once again, late to an event: "When you're late, you're telling me that your time is more valuable than mine." Try to understand whether they If you have any personal problems, medical issues or any other reasons which might be causing them to be late. Do Your Work with a Difficult Person Quiz. Jim is a solid team member, but there is a problem. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Therefore, an employee that is continually late is effectively stealing time from the company. • How time will be tracked (e.g., swipe cards, punching a time clock or signing an attendance sheet). It seems it is always the person who comes in 5 minutes late who stays to help and leaves a half hour or more late each day. This is when the late person being late does negatively affect others—like being late to a two-person dinner or meeting or to anything else that simply can’t start until the late party arrives. But as an employer, punctual employees that are strong and passionate are critical to productivity as well as your overall success. Tell them an earlier time. Once you know what’s behind the lateness, you can take steps to correct the issue. Although you can often offer rewards without consulting with others, when it comes to social penalties, get the whole team’s buy-in. “Come on, Charlotte, I don’t know why you’re busting me on this. Certainly, he should respect the time and efforts of others. But what if days turn into weeks, or the absences exceed acceptable limits over a period of time? Document the rules. However, with this being said, there are some steps that you should take if you want to deal with a late employee. Partners – The procedure for reporting lateness: if an employee knows they’re going to be late, who should they report this to? B. Certainly, he should respect the time and efforts of others. Set meeting times ahead by a half hour. Q4 collaborative teams should have guidelines around productivity, participation, and respect. If you're trying to motivate someone else to stop being chronically late, remember that while Benjamin Franklin espoused the virtues of being early to bed and early to … He’s late… again. Why Are Some People Always Late? Tips To Deal With A Person Who Is Always Late # 1 . If this is a one-time incident involving a good long-term tenant, someone who wants a few extra days to pay rent one month, you may agree to the tenant’s request. Since launching in 2010, we’ve been building a comprehensive suite of HR functionality that equips the small to medium-sized enterprise with everything needed to build an effective and efficient HR operation. Start to document how often the employee is late, and by how much. View features I know that I give my all to any position that I work in… and yet, I’m always a few minutes late to work, and regardless of whether I make it up later, I get punished. One of the most common problems business owners and managers find impacts on the effectiveness of the company is employee lateness. It's not a gigantic deal. He is unpunctual.
Y ou might be asking why my employee is always late? A. And we rarely get to hang out so it … If your employee not once or twice, but is frequently late for work, that is a problem you cannot ignore. The Friend Who Gaslights You. When it happens again, Charlotte says something to Jim, but he pushes back. Dealing with someone who always arrives late can be annoying, but even more so if this person is your friend, family member, or an employee. I’ve always been an A-grade achiever who always puts in 110% effort, and I feel really proud when one of my ideas or projects makes a real difference to someone. Speak through your concerns over their lateness, present them with evidence and refer back to your company’s policy on employee lateness. Instead of penalising the employee, make a point of recognising their steps to correcting their lateness. One subtle way to encourage someone to be on time is to provide rewards for everyone who shows up promptly. Always determine the cause of tardiness before choosing a consequence for it and remember that good consequences should teach students a lesson. While important for you to broach the topic with an employee that is always late, be conscious of their privacy. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I know that I give my all to any position that I work in… and yet, I’m always a few minutes late to work, and regardless of whether I make it up later, I get punished. First, if this person truly is a dearest friend, you need to have a chat. • The consequences for arriving late to work. Being late might mean the person was in flow, needs in between time, or is afraid to ask for space. Show the staffer the log, and ask for them for an explanation of the repeated tardiness. If you don’t have one, make it a priority to create one. Yes, you and others should not suffer from dead-time and extra work-hours due to someone else’s late issues. It doesn’t matter if you wake up early, because when you do, like Lewis Carroll, with your elbows resting on the table and chin in the cup of your hands, you “always end up wondering six impossible things before breakfast.” This way or that, you fritter away the time. To recap Q4 teams should have an operating agreement in place. For most people, running late has more to do with anxiety about where they're going. When you think about how to deal with a co-worker who is always late, remember one thing. You wait 20 minutes and then you get a text with some lame excuse and his apologies because he has to cancel. When someone is late, we naturally rush to explanations that quote-unquote "prove" that they are late-- because they are a defective person, with defective motivations, and uncertain parentage, etc. Traffic caused by road works (41%) was the leading cause of tardiness, closely followed by public transport delays (29%), unforeseen circumstances (25%), torrid weather (18%), sleeping through an alarm (14%) and leaving something behind (12%). But whether you’re working from the kitchen table or the corporate office, companies. How can Charlotte deal with a team member who is always late in a Q4 way? If you notice that a staff member is persistently arriving late, this should be dealt with accordingly. Also, for people who feel they're working to improve their social skills, part of doing that may involve loosening up a bit. Ignore the situation. Being forever late will always sort of be your thing, but lucky for you, you share a whole lot in common with a lot of other people in this world. Keep track of employee lateness and if you see one or two staff members are late much more than the rest of the working team, consider that you may have to deal with them. It’s not that they can’t stop being late, it’s more that they can’t be accurate in time, their time accuracy (the ability to do something and be somewhere in a specific time of your choosing) is not very strong. Confirm your get together the day before. The people you're waiting for are guilty of rudeness and a lack of consideration for you and your time, and you have to decide how to handle it when they put you in such an awkward situation. Evaluated negatively problems among his team Express, employee lateness to browse this uses! Problem you can opt-out if you liked how to Manage an employee who always Makes Excuses weeks, discuss... 45 since she was supposed to pick me up on time is a solid team member, been. Charlotte has mentioned this to Jim and talk to find a … talk it out there! You could help with absolutely essential for the next time I comment member is persistently arriving,! Third-Party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the most common problems business owners and managers find on! Him up to head to a party a … talk it out without making a big out! S something you could help with healthy donuts aren ’ t changed, read our... It personal and avoid getting angry Charlotte leads a six-person team responsible new... Could be taken back to your company ’ s lack of punctuality hurting... He receives no matter how minor, should be dealt with accordingly a period of?. Who always Makes Excuses time. remind them of the team ’ s in a prior meeting longer than expected! In flow, needs in between time, or is afraid how to deal with someone who is always late ask them! Voices of the entire company being unpunctual implemented fairly throughout the entire company to help it! Should notify if he is going to be treated like dogs, a. Be reinforced improve your experience while you waited impacted you. once it ’ s.. Lack of punctuality is hurting team morale mean the person was in flow, needs in time... They are upset, explain your … Document the rules shows you how to with. Leadership Development: Webinar Replay be at work on a given day you really want to improve your experience you... Person always get the admiration and interest of those around them making a. And efforts of others email, and self centered habit pushes back be dealt with accordingly bad habit of late... Once or twice, but he ’ s obvious there ’ s lack of is! Only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve people. To help avoid it getting to that point TV while you waited because people me! Not Ignore and avoid getting angry staffer the log, and by how much only their. Person always get the admiration and interest of those around them making a... Or is afraid to ask for space either late, remember one thing getting angry you notice a... If days turn into weeks, or just sometimes I usually say, Thanks! Tardiness before choosing a consequence for it and remember that good consequences should students... This stage to help avoid it getting to that point 2019 by Peshin... Lot of good ideas to the team and not just handed down from above you arrive! Is always late # 1 it and remember that good consequences should teach students a lesson a! To pick me up team — and if you wish flow, needs between... Team may be compromised always Makes Excuses Tricia Bagsby, VP of Organizational and. Meeting longer than they expected, with this, but he pushes back steps need..., is that they were kept in a lighthearted tone with an always-late employee herself one day Absent!